Lacerations and Minor Fractures in Omaha, Nebraska

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It’s every parent’s joy to watch their child play and stay active at home and school. However, with play comes accidents that could lead to minor fractures and lacerations. To get your child up and active again, you need to know what to do in case of such accidents. If you’re in Omaha, Nebraska, you can depend on Nebraska Home Pediatrics & Parents to help your child recover quickly after a minor injury. We have the right professionals to work with you and your child to ensure speedy recovery anytime.

Types of Wounds in Children

It is a normal part of childhood development for children to want to explore the world around them. This exploration has some level of risk to it. As children find their physical boundaries through running, jumping, climbing, or riding a bike, they’re bound to get hurt from time to time. It is essential to have a reliable medical team that looks after your child whenever these unfortunate events happen. Some of the common wound types include:

A Simple Cut or Laceration

This type usually has clean edges from a sharp object such as a knife, razor, glass, or scissors. Simple lacerations are usually not very deep or long. The wound usually has regularly shaped skin edges. These cuts can typically be closed by medical grade glue or a few stitches in our clinic. Sometimes the cut needs staples to close the wound, so our providers will recommend you visit the emergency room.


Also known as glazes, abrasions are more superficial where the top layer of the skin comes off from the skin sliding across a rough surface. Such injuries often occur when the child falls and gets into contact with dirt, mud or gravel. The wound may require cleaning to heal correctly.

Puncture Wound

It may not cause bleeding, but your child may be in pain and uncomfortable. If the injury is caused by something like a nail, you may want to ensure there’s no infection risk by taking your child into Nebraska Home Pediatrics & Parents.

How can I prevent pediatric injuries for my child?

It’s almost impossible to prevent some injuries because most of them happen when kids are playing. However, you can take a few steps to reduce the risk of injuries. You can start by ensuring your child wears appropriate gear, such as supportive footwear, and protective headwear when participating in active sports games and other physical activities.

It’s also crucial to eliminate sharp objects around the home, such as furniture with sharp edges. Keep your home clutter-free and ensure all areas are well-lit to prevent accidents and injuries when children play in the house. Our healthcare team also provides you with valuable tips for preventing injuries whenever you visit our office.

Urgent Care for Lacerations and Minor Fractures

A severe cut or fracture can be traumatic and stressful for you and your child. That’s why it’s essential to ensure your child gets urgent help. Minor injuries can be treated at home. However, if you’re unsure if a wound is severe, it’s best to call us. We also recommend getting help if your child is uncomfortable and in pain.


Get urgent help for lacerations and minor cuts in Omaha, Nebraska.

If your child has an injury, you can trust the team at Nebraska Home Pediatrics & Parents to help provide treatment until your child feels better. Our medical providers are trained to handle children with care and compassion. Contact us today to book an appointment.