Adult IV Hydration Services in Omaha, NE

Dehydration can be a very serious condition if not dealt with quickly. While the condition is ultimately quite dangerous, it can easily sneak up on adult patients if they’re over exerting themselves without proper hydration and nutrition. Even mild dehydration can inflict problems that affect daily life and cause long term issues which could be quickly mitigated through IV hydration.

Nebraska Home Pediatrics & Parents offers adult hydration services for patients in need of fluid replacement when at-home methods aren’t effective enough for recovery.

adult receiving IV hydration infusions

Benefits of Drip Hydration

IV hydration, or drip hydration therapy, is a method of replenishing fluids when a patient needs rehydration quickly, and their own hydration methods aren’t working well enough to aid in full recovery.

Dehydration and severe dehydration can occur because of a number of issues, including high fevers, physical overexertion when already dehydrated, and excessive diarrhea or vomiting. Intravenous hydration helps patients reach an optimal level of hydration quickly and has been said to reduce general fatigue, improve organ function, and can help with joint, skin, and muscle function.

Receiving IV hydration services from your primary care clinic is the safest way to receive these services, as they are administered by trained professionals who are familiar with your medical history.

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What is IV Hydration?

Intravenous hydration at Nebraska Home Pediatrics & Parents administers necessary fluids directly to the bloodstream via an IV, which helps achieve accelerated dehydration recovery. This can be critical in severe dehydration cases, but shouldn’t be discounted in cases of mild dehydration, especially when the patient is suffering from other illnesses or issues.

The professionals at our Omaha clinic are extensively trained in administering necessary IV care, and will ensure that your drip hydration experience is stress-free and effective.

adult patient receiving IV hydration services

What are the side effects of drip hydration?

There are very few side effects to IV hydration, which mainly involve the injection site. Some individuals have complaints of pain and swelling at the injection site. Most side-effects stem from improperly-administered IV services, which is why it’s so important to visit medical professionals for IV hydration.

Who can get IV hydration?

IV hydration is available to most adult and pediatric patients here at Nebraska Home Pediatrics & Parents, but it’s important to talk to your medical provider in order to better-understand your needs and eligibility for IV hydration.

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How long does IV hydration take?

So long as there are no underlying conditions or special circumstances, IV hydration services can take anywhere from 45 to 60 minutes. Nebraska Home Pediatrics & Parents prioritizes efficient scheduling, and we do our best to ensure your time is respected and honored through shorter wait times and a fast check-in process.

How frequently can you receive IV hydration?

Your medical provider here at Nebraska Home Pediatrics & Parents will work with you to decide the frequency with which you can receive IV hydration. Each individual case is different, and it’s important to get accurate advice that is compatible with your medical history.

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