Travel Health Services in Omaha, Nebraska

International travel, whether to a nearby country or far away continent, poses various health risks, especially in children. The changes in attitude, microbes, humidity, and temperature can cause health complications. In some cases, you and your children can get sick if the accommodation you selected is of poor quality or unhygienic. Most medical facilities in such areas may not be well developed to cater to your needs. For this reason, Nebraska Home Pediatrics & Parents recommends visiting a travel clinic a month before your trip to ensure your body is ready for the new conditions. Prior to your appointment, we need to review your vaccine records and where you plan to travel so that we have plenty of time to properly advise you on the vaccines you need and what medications you should take.


The Importance of Family Travel Health Exam

We travel every day. Millions of people move from one country to another for social, business, recreational, and humanitarian purposes. Preparing for such travel ensures your health stays stable, despite exposure to unfamiliar environments before, during, and after the trip.

That’s why we recommend researching the potential hazards at your chosen destination to understand how best to protect your health and minimize the risk of acquiring diseases. Careful planning, appropriate preventive measures, and knowing the necessary precautions can help protect the health of travelers and minimize the risk of accidents and disease.

When you visit our travel health clinic, we provide as much information as possible about the place you’re traveling to so you’re adequately prepared with the right vaccines and medication. We provide sound advice about how you can protect yourself health-wise during travel.

Which Vaccinations Can You Take When Traveling?

Some vaccinations we recommend are polio, hepatitis A and B, tetanus, chicken pox, MMR, diphtheria, and pertussis. These are common childhood vaccines that you and your child have likely already received. You may also need your COVID-19 vaccine series and annual influenza vaccine to travel. In some cases, you may need to get vaccinated for typhoid, yellow fever, and rabies, depending on where you travel.

How to Look After Children While Traveling

When traveling with a child, taking preventive measures to keep them safe is essential. That means doing thorough research into some of the best nearby health facilities in the location you’re traveling to. Pack a travel health kit for you and your child. We also recommend getting travel insurance to help pay medical bills in case you are hospitalized or get injured in a foreign land. Know the safety of the roads in the area you’re traveling to and supervise children in every activity. Let our team know if you or your child becomes ill while traveling.

Need Travel Health Services in Nebraska?

The team at Nebraska Home Pediatrics & Parents cares about you and your child’s health. We can conveniently come to your home when your child is ill and provide that personalized care. If you’re traveling soon, contact us to book your travel health clinic today, and let us help you prepare for healthy travel.