Pediatric FAQ's for Nebraska Parents

What services does Nebraska Home Pediatrics provide?

We offer well-child visits from birth through 19 years old.

Unlike any other pediatric clinic in the Omaha area, we also offer acute sick visits at your home for common childhood illness, such as cold symptoms, sore throat, ear infections and cough, just to name a few.

See the full list of services here.

Does Nebraska Home Pediatrics offer well visits with immunizations at home?

We offer the first two newborn well visits at the home. These visits happen about 1-2 days after discharging from the hospital and at two weeks of life. Parents have a lot going on when baby comes home, whether it is the first baby or the fifth baby. Traveling to the clinic for a newborn visit won’t be an added stress to the already busy time of your life.

All other well visits are completed at the office location due to insurance policy. The biggest difference between Nebraska Home Pediatrics and other pediatric clinics is that your well child will not be sitting in a waiting room full of sick children.

I think my child has strep throat or maybe influenza. Can Nebraska Home Pediatrics test for that?

Yes. We offer two at-home rapid tests including strep throat and influenza. The results are completed before the end of the visit. We can also send out for throat cultures through Quest Diagnostics.

Does Nebraska Home Pediatrics take my insurance?

Most of the major insurance payers are in-network. Please click on the link here to see the current list of in-network insurance payers.

How much does it cost for a house visit from Nebraska Home Pediatrics?

Similar to an office visit, the cost of a house visit from Nebraska Home Pediatrics will slightly vary based on how extensive the visit. A house visit from Nebraska Home Pediatrics is more often than not LESS expensive than an office visit to your pediatrician or family doctor. For example, a sick visit to your pediatrician that costs about $200 cash would cost about $100-150 cash with Nebraska Home Pediatrics.

Do I have to use Nebraska Home Pediatrics as my main pediatric clinic in order to schedule a house visit for my sick child?

No. Some families choose to use Nebraska Home Pediatrics as a supplement to their current pediatric or family practice clinic due to the convenience and lack of appointment available at their PCP office.

Where will Nebraska Home Pediatrics travel for the house visits?

Nebraska Home Pediatrics is currently offering services in the greater Omaha metro area including Omaha, Elkhorn, Gretna, Bennington, Papillion, La Vista, Ralston, Bellevue, Springfield, Valley, Waterloo and Yutan. If you are curious about a house visit to your neighborhood, don’t hesitate to call (402) 917-6944 and ask.

What ages will Nebraska Home Pediatrics see and treat?

Nurse practitioners at Nebraska Home Pediatrics will see patients aged newborn to 19 years old. Any patient 20 years or older should establish care with a family medicine or internal medicine provider.

My child has a lot of medical issues and is considered medically fragile. Is Nebraska Home Pediatrics able to treat my child?

At this time, we are not able to travel with all the equipment needed for the medical complex child. We can offer well-child visits for medically complex children. Please call (402) 917-6944 to discuss your child’s medical needs and establishing care with Nebraska Home Pediatrics.

How do I make an appointment for my child?

Call (402) 917-6944 during normal business hours of Monday through Friday 7am to 5pm to schedule a well-child visit or a house visit for your sick child.

What if I need my child to be seen after hours?

There are a number of after hour options for your sick child including a few listed below.

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