Pediatric In-Home Services

Board-certified nurse practitioners at Nebraska Home Pediatrics conveniently come to your home when your child is sick and provide high-quality, personalized care. The nurse practitioners are trained and licensed to treat minor and common illnesses and injuries and write prescriptions when medically appropriate.

Our In-Home Care Services

Kids don’t want to go anywhere when they are sick, so let them stay home and rest while the Nebraska Home Pediatrics providers come to your home. Some of the services we provide in our in-home visits include:

  • Physical exam
  • Breathing treatments
  • Decadron (steroid) for croup
  • Strep antigen testing
  • Viral PCR testing for COVID/influenza/RSV
  • Strep PCR testing
  • Medication prescription, as needed
  • Treatment plan development

What is Pediatric In-Home Health Care?

When your child has an acute illness, you don’t have to make your way to the clinic when we can bring the clinic to you. Our medical providers work with you to ensure your child gets enough rest and feels comfortable in an environment they’re familiar with.

At Nebraska Home Pediatrics, we understand that you want the best for your child. That’s why we work with you to give your child the support they need to recover and return to their old self. Whether your child has a minor injury from playing or they have cold symptoms, our nurse practitioners come ready to perform the necessary tests and provide treatment to aid in quick recovery.

How Does Pediatric Home Care Service Benefit Families in Omaha?

Just like the convenience you enjoy when you order food or get your vehicle serviced and brought to you, the pediatric home service is designed to provide the same convenience of having your child treated in the comfort of their home. Other benefits of pediatric in-home care include:

Improved Comfort and Recovery Time

Home care provides the comfort your child needs to recover whenever they get sick. Many experts agree that children heal faster when in their own homes. They sleep better in their own beds and enjoy playing with their favorite toys. At Nebraska Home Pediatrics, we aim to promote quick recovery while giving you and your family ample time and space to look after your child.

Individualized Treatment Plans

Unlike hospitals, where you need to wait for your turn, in-home care services mean your child will be attended to as soon as the medical provider arrives. They will be focused on treating one patient, which guarantees quality service.

Save Time and Money

You don’t need to use fuel to drive your child to the clinic. If you have business or work commitments, many times you can arrange the appointment around those commitments. This makes it convenient for busy families.

Schedule an In-Home Visit Today

If your child needs pediatric in-home services in the greater Omaha, Nebraska area, our professionals can provide all the care they need to recover. To book an in-home visit for your child, contact Nebraska Home Pediatrics, and our medical team will be happy to help you.

Our Pediatric Urgent Care Clinic is now open at 2953 S. 168th St, Suite 101, Omaha, NE 68130.