Acute Pediatric Care & Services in Nebraska

At Nebraska Home Pediatrics, our programs are designed to meet the physical and psychological needs of our patients and their families.

We pursue excellence and quality, continued improvement in customer satisfaction, and innovation. We also understand that every patient is different and requires special care combined with professional expertise. We recognize that our young patients may be stressed, anxious, and ill, and our trained clinicians do their best to provide the necessary care and comfort.


Treatment And Services

Treatment & Services

Our patient-centered primary care clinic in Omaha strives to provide the services that parents need to meet their children’s medical needs as well as their own.

House Calls

Tired of driving to your pediatric medical office with a sick child or siblings in tow? Our experienced nurse practitioners provide in-home visits to diagnose and treat common and minor illnesses and injuries and write prescriptions when necessary.

Well Visits

Don’t wait until your child is sick to visit our pediatric primary care clinic in Omaha. Regular checkups allow your provider to keep track of your child’s development so they can diagnose and treat certain conditions early on.

Urgent Care

It’s important to get children care quickly. Emergency rooms often mean a long wait surrounded by sick patients. Nebraska Home Pediatrics offers same-day appointments including evenings and weekends, because life isn’t predictable and neither are your children.

School Physicals

Often your kids will inform you they need a physical a few days before a sports tryout. This is when you must start booking appointments with pediatric clinic or pediatric urgent care near you. But the truth is that these physicals are important with or without sports tryouts.

Sport Physicals

These physicals ensure that individuals can safely participate in sports and other activities. State laws also require students to have undergone these physicals before participating in any sports.


Adults and children alike should remain up-to-date on vaccinations for common illnesses. That’s why we offer immunizations for the entire family in our Omaha primary care clinic. Bring all your children, yourself, and even your spouse, and stay healthy together!

Adult Urgent

Parents get sick, too! As much as we love our kids, they tend to bring home lots of germs. Call us if you need a same-day sick care appointment for yourself.


If you or your child have the symptoms of COVID-19, the flu, or RSV, contact our urgent care clinic. Our drive-thru testing offers fast results so you can get the treatment you need quickly.

IV Hydration

Dehydration in children is both dangerous and common, but it can be treated in our urgent care clinic in Omaha easily with IV rehydration. We provide this service to adults, too, so contact us if you or your child show signs of dehydration and we will see them as soon as possible.

Lacerations & Minor Fractures

If your child has an injury, you can trust the team at Nebraska Home Pediatrics to help provide treatment until your child feels better. Our medical professionals are trained to handle children with care and compassion

Telehealth Services

You no longer need to miss essential engagements because of a medical appointment. You can meet the medical provider in the comfort of your home or office via your smartphone or computer.

Primary Care

Nebraska Home Pediatrics & Parents was designed with exactly that goal in mind: providing accurate, convenient, empathetic pediatric primary care services that our Omaha, Nebraska patients and their families can trust.


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