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At Nebraska Home Pediatrics, our programs are designed to meet the physical and psychological needs of our patients and their families. We pursue excellence and quality, continued improvement in customer satisfaction and innovation. We also understand that every patient is different and requires special care combined with professional expertise. We recognize that our young patients may be stressed, anxious and ill, and our trained clinicians do their best to provide the needed care and comfort.

mother with sick child at home

Urgent Care (sick visits)

Our pediatric urgent care provides scheduled appointments so you can rest assured your child will be seen on time at their appointment time.

Nebraska Home Pediatrics does not over-schedule or overbook appointments. The clinic and exam rooms always follow best cleaning standards, ensuring your child is treated in a clean and safe environment. IV rehydration and laceration repair are available for those kids who need fluids or stitches, but do not need to visit the emergency department. Testing includes COVID, RSV, Strep Throat and Influenza. 

In-Home Visits (House Calls for Sick Kids)

Our in-home visit includes the following services:

Physical exam

A routine test that your primary care provider performs to check your overall health.

Breathing treatments

When your child has difficulty breathing due to an acute illness or underlying chronic illness, practitioners can help them breathe freely through the available breathing treatments.

Decadron (steroid) for croup:

Medical providers may use the most common medication steroid to treat any croup your child may have as it is an effective treatment option. It helps decrease inflammation in the airway.
Steroids also help promote breathing and improve comfort in a child.

Strep antigen testing:

A strep antigen test determines whether your child has strep throat or not. If the practitioner thinks your child may have strep throat, but the test comes negative, they may suggest a PCR strep test.

Prescribed medications, as needed:

Similar to a pediatrician’s office, the medical providers will electronically send in prescriptions to your preferred pharmacy to help manage their health condition.

Quick viral PCR testing for COVID/influenza/RSV:

This multiplex test simultaneously detects and differentiates between the COVID, influenza A, influenza B, and RSV viruses. Instead of conducting multiple tests on your child, we use this single test to determine if your child has one of those four viruses to help us develop an individualized plan of care. This helps save time and it is also less invasive than multiple tests. Same day results.

Quick strep PCR testing:

This test is done to detect group of A Streptococcus (GAS) in throat swabs. Same day results.

Individualized treatment plan development:

At Nebraska Home Pediatrics, we handle each child differently based on their current condition, personal information, medical history and psychological history. For this reason, we develop a detailed treatment plan tailored to a specific child to promote a speedy recovery.

Quick PCR Testing

Our quick PCR testing includes the following:

  • Influenza/flu
  • RSV
  • Strep throat

Drive-thru testing (Drive-thru swab station for kids and adults)

Adults and children can come through the drive-thru swab station to have a single nasal swab that tests for COVID/influenza/RSV.

Same-day results. Influenza positive adults can complete a telehealth visit with the provider if they are interested in a Tamiflu prescription. Children can always be seen in the clinic and receive the same test and physical exam with the provider. No adults are allowed in the clinic for a physical exam, only telehealth for Tamiflu prescription.

Well Child Visits

Well-child visits will track your child’s development milestones, including physical growth and development, gross and fine motor skills, language development and social development.

We can complete all school, sport and camp physicals that your child may need and get them up to date with their vaccinations.

Immunizations and Family Flu Shots

Immunization and flu shots can be done for children from birth to 19 years, and a whooping cough or pertussis vaccine for adults who will be around young children.

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If your child is unwell in the greater Omaha area and you need a sick visit at home or the clinic, or if you need to get them seen for a well visit or school/camp physical, we’re a phone call away. Contact us anytime to book a consultation or get our team to come to your home and treat your child conveniently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Pediatric Urgent Care Clinic is now open at 2953 S. 168th St, Suite 101, Omaha, NE 68130.